lavender-dreamstimeA universal oil that has been shown to balance the body and to work wherever there is a need; called ‘the grandmother of essential oils’ because it cares for and nurtures us through such a variety of physical and emotional stresses; balances between masculine and feminine traits; promotes faith even in the hard times; promotes a return to kindness and generosity if we have been in a place of judgement of others; if in doubt, use lavender. Can also be used for cuts, grazes, burns, chilblains, dermatitis, eczema, sunburn, insect bites, headaches, migraine, insomnia, infections, arthritis, anxiety, tension, panic, hysteria, fatigue, inflammatory conditions, rashes, nervous conditions, dysmenorrhoea, spasms, allergies, cramps, dandruff, flatulence, hair loss, headaches, irregular heart beat, high and low blood pressure, indigestion, insomnia, excess waste products clogging the lymphatic system, mouth abscesses, nausea, minimize scarring, sprains, stretch marks, tachycardia, thrush and edema.

Therapeutic Properties: antiseptic, diuretic, expectorant, emmenagogue, anti-parasitic

Application: apply to appropriate areas of the feet, directly on area of concern

Aromatic: calming in small amounts but can be stimulating in large amounts, use to reduce stress and tension, lessen pain, and promote restful sleep

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