Heart Song


Ingredients: bergamot, geranium, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, rose, rose geranium, rosewood, orange sweet, ylang ylang

Affinity For: heart chakra, brow chakra, emotional balance, throat chakra, crown chakra, adrenal gland, electrical system

Resonance: HeartSong allows the heart to find its joy and learn to sing again. It is a very high frequency spiritual LeHeartSong is the #1 blend for the treatment of depression.

Application: If you have the time, HeartSong is very effective applied in a clockwise motion over each chakra. It is usually best to begin at the base chakra and work up the body to the crown chakra. This may be done on either the front or the back of the body. (I prefer the back, but that requires the help of a friend.) LeHeartSong can also be applied over the heart, on the ears, and to any area of poor circulation. This is a beautiful oil to diffuse, and may be worn as a perfume or as cologne.

Aromatic Considerations: The aroma of LeHeartSong can be offensive if there are emotional blockages to loving and being loved. If this occurs, apply the blend LeUnity to the palms of the hands and place the hands over the navel and thymus. Hold for 20 seconds and then reverse the hand positions and hold for another 20 seconds or more. The combination of these two oils will balance all the chakras and meridians, bringing a great feeling of peace.

Emotional/Spiritual Aspects: This high frequency blend reminds us that we are loved and cherished by many people, and certainly by Heaven. It has a multitude of uses. LeHeartSong has been of great benefit in treating depression. It is also useful in overcoming grief and trauma. Because it is a remedy for deep sorrow and grief, it makes a wonderful gift for anyone who has recently lost a loved one. LeTranquility is the first line of defense against anxiety and panic attacks, but if it fails to work or needs a follow up, LeHeartSong is the blend to use. LeHeartSong is also helpful in stabilizing mood swings, relieving stress and tension, and helping one to relax. You do not need to be suffering from depression or a recent loss to enjoy LeHeartSong. This blend is wonderful for getting through a tough time or just making it to the end of a difficult day. It is also quite effective as a protection against negative energy. Because of its effect on both the heart and the throat chakras, LeHeartSong is of benefit to those who have difficulty expressing deep emotions or tend to laugh inappropriately when trying to express themselves about these things.

Physical Aspects: LeHeartSong is balancing to the electrical fields of the body and stabilizing to energy levels. Oddly enough, it brings relief from the pain and congestion of pleurisy and makes an excellent deodorant.

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