Good Nite


Ingredients: Cedarwood, orange sweet, ylang ylang

Affinity for: throat chakra, immune system (use faithfully during the cough and cold season)

Resonance: physical, emotional

Application: This blend can be diffused, placed on the pillow at night, or applied, diluted, to sinus areas any time.

Aromatic Considerations: LeGood-Nite can be diffused in the home during the evening to promote restful sleep.

Emotional/Spiritual Aspects: Part of the reason that LeGood-Nite promotes restful sleep is because it encourages feelings of peace. We feel assurance that all will be well in our world even though we are sleeping and not actively watching over it.

LeGood-Nite seems to help us process, painlessly, deep emotions during our sleep. In the morning we will be able to express our deep feelings about these emotions clearly and without the usual stress.

Physical Aspects: LeGood-Nite is effective for insomnia and snoring and soothes inflamed or swollen nasal and sinus passages while promoting deep and restful sleep.


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