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Trapped Emotion Release: Trapped emotions are troublesome buried feelings located in your life force energy (spirit), physical body, and/or aura. Most of the time you don’t even know they are there, until something triggers them, and they rise to exaggerate a current situation. These emotions can be located using empathic intuitive gifts, Reiki and/or other energy modalities, often including ‘muscle testing.’ These destructive, troublesome emotions are just waiting and ready to be released in most cases, and when released, can be replaced with positive emotions like Peace, Love and Joy.


              What I do:

The work: Locate imbalances and apply healthy solutions, creating a healthier, happier you. To be more specific, the work may include all or some of the following: Locate imbalances in the chakras (spinning properly, balanced, weak or bleeding etc.) and then go to work doing what is needed to restore them to proper balance.  Check for emotional heart walls or blocks and remove those just waiting and ready to come out. Find and remove the hidden destructive or trapped emotions stopping you from giving and receiving love and creating dis-ease!  Help you recognize unhealthy thinking and remove all obstacles interfering with a happier, healthier you, and then replace (balance) the newly empty space with good things like; Joy, Peace and Love!

Almost always the chakras can be balanced, but once in a great while, there may be a little homework for you to complete.

How I work: Help can come from many sources when doing Emotional Healing (Reiki etc.), and it can be hard to know who to trust. Everyone has their own idea about God – Higher power, Universe, He, She, Them. When I started learning about Emotional Healing, I came in contact with many people, most of them I did not feel were listening to the source I wanted to be helped from.

I do my best to listen and follow the directions I receive from God (Whom I call Father) in doing the work. I know myself well enough to know when I am connected and listening to his guidance and when I am off.  I believe trusting God is the only way to truly trust the work, and you can expect that I have put myself in line with receiving the inspiration you deserve. (If you’d like more details contact me).

Reiki master certificate

What is Reiki and what can it do for me?

Credentials and Experience

What is a chakra?

What are trapped or blocked Emotions?/Hearet wall removal

Muscle testing


Becky helped me a few months ago, it was a wonderful experience, Becky is extremely good at finding the exact things you need help with, she lets you know exactly what the problem is and does not sugar cote it, always has a solution to help you gain clarity, I would highly recommend using Becky, she is a wonderful person who has helped me many times, thank you Becky. Eddie Egbert

My work with Becky has changed my life for the better. I was really struggle with some deaths in the family and she helped me release the negative emotions so that I could move forward. I am so grateful for the work she is doing. Summer B.

I did some energy work with Becky, and let me tell you, I left her place and left the monkey that was on my back there. I felt so much better. I would recommend to anyone to go see here. Deana M.

Recommendation: For many years I’ve been coming to see Becky. She has a gift with knowing what to say, a gift with helping healing. I can fully recommend her and I’m excited about the new website.I added about the new website in hopes that people will recognize it isn’t your work that is new, just the sight. I can fully recommend Becky in everything, she is great!! 6/6/2024 Kim J.

I Had a wonderful experience with Becky. She is so caring gentle and she releases emotions. Never hurries. Just helps you understand and helps you move forward. She is very experienced. And has a special gift. She is someone you feel very at home with. She is totally someone you can trust. Love ❤ you Becky. Linda

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