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Emotional heart Healing. Locate and correct the imbalances preventing you from receiving real love.

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Has your heart lost its song?

Let’s make it sing again with

some Emotional Heart Healing.

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Owner of Healthy Sole-u-tions LLC/Essential Oils to Go, Becky has over 20 years of experience in Energy balancing work, Reiki, Essential oils and Natural Healing.

The work: Locate imbalances and apply healthy solutions, creating a better, happier you.

To be more specific, the work may include all or some of the following: Locate imbalances in the chakras (spinning properly, balanced, weak or bleeding etc.) and then go to work doing what is needed to restore them to proper balance.  Check for emotional heart walls or blocks and remove those just waiting to move on. Find and remove any hidden destructive or trapped emotions stopping you from giving and receiving love – creating dis-ease! Help you recognize unhealthy thinking that is destructive and interfering with your ability to experience greater Joy.

How I work: Help can come from many sources when doing Emotional Healing (Reiki etc.), and it can be hard to know who to trust. Everyone has their own idea about God – Higher power, Universe, He, She, Them. When I started learning about Emotional Healing, I came in contact with many people, most of them I did not feel were listening to the source I wanted to be helped from.

I do my best to listen and follow the directions I receive from God (Whom I call Father) in doing the work. I know myself well enough to know when I am connected and listening to his guidance and when I am off.  I believe trusting God is the only way to truly trust the work, and you can expect that I have put myself in line with receiving the inspiration you deserve. (If you’d like more details just ask me).

Quite often I find hearts that are closed, (largely due to painful, fearful and overwhelming previous experiences) making it impossible to give and receive real love. Assisting others to open back up to love and healing – is one of my greatest joys!

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60-minutes $45.00 Schedule Appointment

Appointments by phone or in person West Jordan, UT (Salt Lake City area).

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Becky is very professional and knowledgeable. She helps one trust the process and is very thorough. She is also sensitive and confidential. I always feel a huge burden lifted after a session with Becky. Keeps me coming back for more. Trina Ayers

Becky did an amazing job balancing my chakras. She is super intuitive and was very caring and thoughtful during the whole process making sure every detail was reviewed and she even gave me great advice on ways to help in keeping them in balance. I have never had chakra balancing done before and I have seen a noticeable difference in my mood, and overall I felt more grounded in my day to day, which has helped me handle all the ups and downs of life so much better. I feel lighter and more able to take on life! Thank you Becky! Sarah Luna

Becky helped me through some rough illnesses and communication issues with my family. She is awesome! Not only is she amazing with her energy work, but she is also a faithful follower of Christ. Becky is a good person willing to help anyone in need. You will find that she will help you in many unexpected ways. Her sessions are more than worth any costs. God Bless TM

I’m very grateful for the energy work that Becky has done for me. After visiting with her I have felt better and have been more positive about life. TGS

Becky helped me a few months ago, it was a wonderful experience, Becky is extremely good at finding the exact things you need help with, she lets you know exactly what the problem is and does not sugar cote it, always has a solution to help you gain clarity, I would highly recommend using Becky, she is a wonderful person who has helped me many times, thank you Becky. Eddie Egbert

My work with Becky has changed my life for the better. I was really struggle with some deaths in the family and she helped me release the negative emotions so that I could move forward. I am so grateful for the work she is doing. Summer B.

I did some energy work with Becky, and let me tell you, I left her place and left the monkey that was on my back there. I felt so much better. I would recommend to anyone to go see here. Deana M

Recommendation: For many years I’ve been coming to see Becky. She has a gift with knowing what to say, a gift with helping healing. I can fully recommend her and I’m excited about the new website. I added about the new website in hopes that people will recognize it isn’t your work that is new, just the sight. I can fully recommend Becky in everything, she is great!! 6/6/2024 Kim J.

I Had a wonderful experience with Becky. She is so caring gentle and she releases emotions. Never hurries. Just helps you understand and helps you move forward. She is very experienced. And has a special gift. She is someone you feel very at home with. She is totally someone you can trust. Love ❤ you Becky. Linda

I highly recommend Becky for any spiritual, emotional, or Reiki Energy work. She’s very knowledgeable, talented, and highly intuitive to others needs. She helped me so much with my trauma, and chakra healing when I was in dire need. I also highly recommend using her essential oil blends that she makes herself. They are affordable, and you’re getting exactly what you pay for. Becky is a sweet, kind, caring, and calming friend to have in your corner and on your team. Thank you Becky for being you. Love, your partner in crime AKA Jen

I have known Becky on a personal and professional level for several years now and have found her to be not only a very trusted friend but a very valiant supporter of the good in the world and how to not only see the good but how to be a part of that good.  She is hard nosed when it comes to taking personal responsibility and victimization, but very empathetic and loving.  She is strong when it comes to listening to that angel side of us and finding that inner value, and not feeding the evil side – of which battle we all struggle with.  From personal experience, she is a very gifted healer of the heart, which gift she totally acknowledges as a gift from God – in wanting to help, strengthen and love whomever and wherever she can.  An association with Becky always brings one to a happier, healthier, stronger and more meaningful – peaceful place in their lives. A.F. 6/28/2024

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