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Hi, my name is Becky Utley. What motivated me to start muscle testing? – I got an ulcer, and my Dr. prescribed Protonix and when that didn’t work – Nexium, which only made things worse – which led to stomach emptying tests, and then the recommendation of yet another prescription. Well, I saw where this was going – “What next – anti-depressant?” So I went to the health food store, chose a stomach strengthening herb for my body, confirmed it with muscle testing, bought the herb, took it for three weeks and all was well! This experience really showed me just how valuable applied kinesiology (the science of muscle testing) could be to help insure that I was doing what was best for my body.

Muscle testing was becoming an important part of my life’s work, but learning to trust it did not come easy – it took me 2 years. I kept running into road blocks that caused me to put it aside and mistrust it, but I was always drawn back to it with new insights as to how to get past the block. After such a hard road learning, and recognizing many of the things that block people from trusting their testing, I decided to write a simplified muscle testing book to help others who might also get stuck like I did.

With today’s advancements in medicine, Doctors and Health practitioners can truly be a gift, but it is our responsibility to use all that is in our power- to take care of our own health. Muscle testing can be a great tool to assist us in knowing what is right for us.

My intent in writing this book is to do my best to help you begin muscle testing, and to trust your ability to receive true answers. I hope you will find this information helpful.

Muscle testing, at its best, is used as a support tool, a confirmation or second witness to your own intuition – and is not to replace the spiritual guidance you receive. It will be in tune with the answers that rise from your heart if done correctly.

In my experience – when I seek God’s guidance with my muscle testing, it ensures that my subconscious belief systems don’t get in the way of receiving pure truth. So doubt not! Be believing, and God will take your hand and lead you to do his work with this wonderful new tool in your hands!

Dr. Christophers Newsletter, November 26, 2014

Doctors Could Be Wrong,
Find out for Yourself! Becky Utley

There have been times that I just wish my body would talk to me! It could tell me what herbal formulas would help it to heal, how much to take, and whether other healing modalities that are being recommended, are the best thing for my body. I would know what foods would best support me. If I had a headache, it may help me to understand why, so I could do something about it.
Well, there is a way; applied kinesiology. Also known as biomechanics and muscle strength testing, applied kinesiology is the study of body movement. It is based on the belief that various muscles are linked to particular organs and glands, and that specific muscle weakness can signal distant internal problems. In the 28 paged booklet, Doctors Could Be Wrong-Find out for Yourself!, the author Becky Utley takes the reader through 7 basic steps in communicating with your body, and receiving the answers you are looking for. “Muscle testing, at its best, is used as a support tool, a confirmation or second witness to your own intuition…” With the instruction in this booklet, you can learn how to ask your body questions, and learn how it answers back.
Becky puts everything in simplistic terms so that you are able to; “[take] responsibility to use all that is in our power to take care of our own health. Muscle testing can be a great tool to assist us in knowing what is right for us.”
If you are ready to begin muscle testing today, this is the booklet for you!
Now available at Christopher Publications!

Paragraph from the book: Beginning of 1st chapter, this is a paragraph before hydration heading, page #3

If you are going on a long trip you don’t just jump in the car and go – without taking things you might need like; money for gas, food, extra cloths, maybe a map, You might even want to take some extra special things to make the trip a little nicer like; a good book to read, your favorite snacks, pillow etc.
Muscle testing is like taking a trip. You need to make some preparations in order to have the best possible experience muscle testing.


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“Utley’s book is a sure guide in the journey of muscle testing.  The applied content of this book will unlock the power of this remarkable tool in your life.” Kimberly S.

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