Have you had a Chakra Check-up lately?

Clearing your Chakras of Emotional blocks and Energy imbalances helps create optimal health and happiness.

Not sure if your Chakras need balancing?

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Happy and Peaceful

One of my favorite things to do is

Chakra balancing, which also includes

removing stuck emotions and

anything blocking the flow

of love in your heart.




There are 7 main chakras. There is often a correlation between physical symptoms and imbalances in the chakras.

Balanced chakras support better physical, mental and emotional health.


So-what’s Included:

  • Identify how many chakras you have that are active-most likely more than the main seven
  • Check if chakras are spinning (moving) correctly
  • Check for color bleeds – is a weak chakra relying on the one next to it for support?
  • Check for other imbalances
  • Locate any hidden destructive emotions to be released
  • And finally, it is time to remove all obstacles interfering with a happier, healthier you and replace (balance) the newly empty space with good things like; Joy, Peace and Love.

I do not do this alone – I believe that true and best results are accomplished only with Gods help.

Almost always, the chakras can all be balanced, but once in a while there is a little homework for you to complete.

Treat yourself today to a better, happier you!

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Trina Ayers

Becky is very professional and knowledgeable. She helps one trust the process and is very thorough. She is also sensitive and confidential. I always feel a huge burden lifted after a session with Becky. Keeps me coming back for more.

Sarah Luna

Becky did an amazing job balancing my chakras. She is super intuitive and was very caring and thoughtful during the whole process making sure every detail was reviewed and she even gave me great advice on ways to help in keeping them in balance. I have never had chakra balancing done before and I have seen a noticeable difference in my mood, and overall, I felt more grounded in my day to day, which has helped me handle all the ups and downs of life so much better. I feel lighter and more able to take on life! Thank you, Becky!


I Had a wonderful experience with Becky. She is so caring, gentle and she releases emotions. Never hurries. Just helps you understand and helps you move forward. She is very experienced. And has a special gift. She is someone you feel very at home with. She is totally someone you can trust. Love ❤ you Becky.

Kim J.

For many years I’ve been coming to see Becky. She has a gift with knowing what to say, a gift with helping healing. I can fully recommend her and I’m excited about the new website. I added about the new website in hopes that people will recognize it isn’t Becky’s work that is new, just the sight. I can fully recommend Becky in everything, she is great!!          6/6/2024

Eddie Egbert

Becky helped me a few months ago, it was a wonderful experience, Becky is extremely good at finding the exact things you need help with, she lets you know exactly what the problem is and does not sugar cote it, always has a solution to help you gain clarity, I would highly recommend using Becky, she is a wonderful person who has helped me many times, thank you Becky.


What is a chakra?

What are trapped or blocked emotions?

What is Reiki and what can it do for me?

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Heart wall removal

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