Tip 8: Mela-Plus (Tea Tree Blend)

Ingredients: cajeput, clove, niaouli, rosemary, tea tree

Affinity for: skin, Respiratory system

Resonance: Physical-very low frequency. My very first Experience with Essential Oils, years ago – when I was a young mother, was with Tea Tree oil. I thought everyone should have a bottle of Tea Tree in their medicine cabinet and I still do! Today, I find Mela-Plus (a Butterfly Tea Tree blend) to be even more effective than plain Tea Tree.

Back when I first started using Tea Tree, some of my favorite ways to use it were:
1) Put it on small burns like you get from touching a hot pot. It would take the burn out for a while and I would just reapply it until the initial burn subsided (This was great for my crying children in pain with their latest burn.),
2) Applied it to the latest ugly zit appearing on my face. It would help stop the growth and shrink it faster.
3) Douche with a few drops in water for yeast infection.
4) Spray my throat or gargle with it to help clean up strep throat.

Cleaner: Tea Tree has several properties, one of them being a solvent property. This makes Tea tree a great choice for getting things like ink or blood out of cloth. Add it to your pre-spot and apply it to areas of concern before throwing the laundry in to wash – to release many stains that otherwise would not come out. (I believe this solvent property is why it reduces the size of deep large zits more quickly). Add Mela-Plus to a spray bottle and use to disinfect surface areas and the air. Disinfect showers and tubs by diluting in spray bottle. Add it to liquid hand soap to kill germs.

Topically: Mela-Plus can be applied directly to clean skin on insect bites, stings, cold sores, cankers, zits, carbuncles, ringworm, blisters, stings and other small area skin problems. One way would be to put a drop to two on a cotton swab and apply. (This swab method would work for sore throat also.)

“The summer of 2011, I got my first bee sting (I was 58 years old and still hadn’t been stung). It began to swell immediately and “man that thing hurt”. I didn’t realize that bee stings hurt like shooting nerve pain up and down the arm. Before I had even reached for the Lavender it was red and welted about a half inch around. I put Lavender on it and five minutes later noticed that it had taken much of the irritation away but it was not completely gone – so I reached for the Mela-Plus and put it on. Twenty minutes later I noticed that both the pain and the swelling had stopped. I was amazed at how well the two had worked. A few weeks later, we went camping and I got a mosquito bite or two. Just as they were beginning to itch I once again applied Lavender and Mela-Plus. They worked wonders. The itching and swelling stopped. (I always keep my Mom’s Nurse Kit in my purse wherever I go and was glad I had
it with me camping to assist with these little menaces.)”
-Becky Utley

For cuts, scrapes, abrasions, calluses, corns, blisters and similar things Mela-Plus can be added to water to disinfect or to salves, ointments and lotions to make an antibacterial ointment. Mela-Plus prevents the growth of bacteria, fungus and other infectious agents. Herpes legions may be helped with Mela-Plus. One way would be to use a few drops in the
bath water (yes, it only takes a few drops – even though it is a large tub). Tea Tree is soothing and penetrates into lower skin layers with its pain killing (analgesic) and anti-inflammatory properties.

Try Mela-Plus for lice, mites, insect bites, scabies, dandruff, dry hair or skin and chicken pox. Add a drop or two to shampoo or conditioner (Tea Tree has been known to open clogged pores).

Good for bronchitis, coughs and earaches. Just dilute and apply externally to the area of concern. I.e. apply diluted to the chest and/or feet for bronchitis or over the lung area on your back, apply to the chest and/or feet for coughs and behind and under the ears for earaches.

For systemic yeast I have used Candila (a butterfly blend with Tea Tree in it) to effectively clean up systemic yeast (applied 1-2 times a day for about 10 days to the bottoms of my feet). Be sure to apply Tea Tree to clean skin or it could push toxins into the body.

Mela-plus can be used to relieve aching muscles. Dilute and apply to area of interest, add a few drops to bath water or dilute and apply to the bottoms of feet (be sure to breath your hands after applying for added assistance through the olfactory sensors in your nose). It has been scientifically documented that when substance is applied to the bottoms of the feet within 20 minutes or less it is detected on the tongue. The oils get all through the body by applying them to the bottoms of the feet!

Aromatherapy: Mela-Plus can be diffused to dispel odors. While traveling and staying in motels, put some Mela-plus on a Kleenex and put it on the fan. Good bye bad odors – gone!

The room will smell great and you will almost forget you are in a motel. Mela-Plus kills odors and bacteria in the air.

Gargle: For sore throats (streptococcus) – put a few drops of Mela-Plus in a cup of warm water and gargled with it, put a drop on your tooth brush with the tooth paste, or put some with water in a spray bottle and mist your throat with it. It helps eliminate bad breathe.

Athlete’s Foot: For athletes foot, make a spray with some Mela-Plus and spray your shoes (be sure to let them dry before using) and feet, or you can use a carrier oil – add a few drops of Mela-Plus – and apply to bottoms of feet, or add a few drops to water and soak your feet in it.

Toe nail fungus: A drop could be directly applied to the toe nail fungal infection or put a few drops in some water and soak your toes for a while. I have applied it to skin fungus (red blotchy areas) and had really good (sometimes over night) results.

Use: Use the oils topically and aromatically.

(Some of the above information was taken from the book; Butterfly Miracles with Essential oils by LaRee Westover.)

*This information does not represent any implied or express warranties and has not been evaluated by the FDA. not intended to prescribe, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease or condition. “Le” denotes Butterfly express blend.

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