Tip 3: Topical ways to use oils

Because the molecules of Therapeutic Grade Essential oils are so tiny, they can absorb easily and quickly through the skin. This is made even more possible because of their simple chemical structure. Nature (God) put the plants together in their complete, balanced and perfect form ready to be used by our bodies to support good health.

When using the oils topically, it is most often best to dilute them with a carrier oil; almond, coconut, vegetable, olive etc. The carrier oil is used to help spread the oil over large areas of concern; in order to utilize more receptor points to take the oil in, to use less oil (due to the high concentration of the oils – only a few drops are needed to cover a large area) and to give it more chance to be absorbed gradually (rather than evaporating quickly like water on hot asphalt). Large amounts of essential oils used all at once could possibly trigger a detoxification (the body dumps toxins). When detoxification is brought on too quickly (if your body has a lot of garbage to dump) it could cause unnecessary discomfort or sickness.

Undiluted, direct to area of concern:
There are a few times when I apply an undiluted drop of Essential oil directly. Those times are when I have a small area of about an inch or less to cover. Like when you have a canker or cold sore (Deliverance or Mela-Plus are good for these), a bug bite or bee sting (Lavender is my first choice for these, some people like Tea Tree or Mela-Plus). Another time I use the oil undiluted is when I have a sore throat. I like to add a drop of Deliverance to my toothbrush with the toothpaste and brush away those nasty germs. Lately I have been using a drop of Spearmint Essential oil on my toothbrush, since my daughter told me it had worked wonders for; soothing the nerves from root canal, repairing the enamel and removing plaque buildup on her and her husbands’ teeth. Also, Breezey has worked wonders for many suffering with seasonal allergies. Just touch the top of the oil bottle with your finger and then run your finger across the bridge of the nose (This is probably less than a drop of oil). In my experience it has almost always (if not always) opened up the breathing.

Feet and ears:
Just dilute and apply the Essential oil to the bottoms of your feet. The pores on the bottoms of your feet are very large making them an excellent place to apply the oils. The bottoms of your feet are also less sensitive (for those oils that might irritate the skin – like oregano, cinnamon, peppermint or eucalyptus). The feet take the oils all throughout the body.
(You can buy charts at most health food stores to show you where on the feet to apply the oils to connect to the particular place in the body you want to assist.) Other areas where oils are quickly absorbed are behind the ears (ears have been documented as good areas to take in oils along the rim) or on the wrists (Use about 1-3 drops diluted with carrier oil per area). I like the wrists because I get a whiff when I wave them around – a good place for those of you who use your hands to talk.

When you are using more than one Essential oil; simply dilute with carrier oil and rub the first one in and then apply the next one right after. An example of this is when you have an injured muscle or ligament. Applying Deeper and Paine or Warm-Down will have a better effect than just one. I.e. If I had twisted my knee, I would dilute Deeper and apply it to my knee and then dilute Paine or Warm-down and apply it on my knee. Don’t mix the two oils;
Deeper and Paine or Warm-Down before applying, layer one at a time. You can’t be sure what you’ll get by pre-mixing the two. Mixing is an art and has to be done in the right order and temperature to come up with the desired results. These blends are perfect the way they are – don’t mess with perfect – take an extra minute and layer them one at a time.

Anywhere on the body:
You can put Essential oils most anywhere on the body (don’t put them near the eyes however). Dilute with carrier oil (a puddle in your hand about as big as a dime or so depending on the size of the area you are covering) and apply to the area of concern. I.e. For a sprained ankle I would dilute some Deeper and apply. (Many others work for inflammation also, such as Lavender, Paine, Warm-down and more.)

Lotions, Carrier oils, Perfumes and Shampoos:
You can add Essential oils to lotion (I add about 10-12 drops or less per 4oz.). Use the purest natural, perfume free lotion you can find. You can add the Essential oils to carrier oils such as Vitamin E oil. Using Vitamin E oil with Baby Me essential oil applied to the area of interest the last few weeks before delivery has been known to help avoid episiotomy or tear. You can add Essential oils to massage oils to help improve circulation or assist with trauma. Oils can be added to shampoos and conditioners to assist the scalp for dandruff (Dandy, Lavender, Sage, or Laurel) hair loss (Delicate) or other skin related problems. The main thing to be aware of is that when the oils are mixed with lotions, carrier oils or massage oils they begin to break down. It is best to mix enough to use within a few days if you want to maintain the full integrity of the oil or just put some lotion or carrier oil in your hand and add a few drops of Essential oil at the time of use. If it’s just the scent you are after then the full therapeutic property isn’t that important or for perfume just apply a drop behind the ear or on the wrists (where you wave your hands in front of you) to get a whiff. There is so much information that we will cover washes, compresses and aromatherapy in an upcoming issue.

Happy Oiling!

*This information does not represent any implied or express warranties and has not been evaluated by the FDA. not intended to prescribe, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease or condition. “Le” denotes Butterfly express blend.

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