Tip 22: Refrigerating Essential Oils

Robert Tisserand – co-author of “Essential oil safety”- has the following comments to say on his blog about the cold:

  • Essential oils are happiest when cold.
  • If you keep them refrigerated they will last twice as long, especially if you live in a warm climate. Essential oils are expensive, so you want them to stay active as long as possible!
  • Refrigeration will not damage any essential oil, and will extend shelf life for all of them.
  • Keeping your essential oils in the fridge will PREVENT them losing their healing properties through oxidation.
  • Foods can and do absorb essential oils if they are stored together, and one way to minimize this is to keep the essential oil bottles in a zip pouch or similar. But ideally, use a dedicated fridge for essential oils etc. Fridges come in all sizes.
  • Freezers will absolutely not harm them, though some may become thicker. Make sure caps are on firmly so no moisture gets into bottles.
  • Essential oils with constituents that may crystallize when refrigerated include rose, zdravetz, anise and fennel. Yes, do refrigerate these – gentle warming is all that is required, and with a small bottle this can be achieved by holding it in your hand.

To read more go to: roberttisserand.com

I am not a Doctor, just little old me, doing my best to learn how to better take care of my health naturally with the oils and share what I know with all of you. This information is intended to assist you in learning about natural possibilities to better care for your health and is not intended to replace your own best intuition and common sense or your doctor’s recommendations.

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