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Several people have reported to me being able to reduce and/or illuminate the need for ADHD/ADD drugs with the use of LeMIllenia and LeTranquility. (Of course work with your Doctor.)

One of the things not listed below that LaRee has stated this oil can be used for is to help fold and firm the uterus and realign the hips and pelvic structure after delivery. She states only to use it after the placenta has delivered, because it works quickly and can close the cervix and prevent proper discharge of the placental tissue. LaRee Westover-the author of Butterfly miracles with essential oils- mid-wifed for over 25 years. Read Butterfly Miracles pdf here: Butterfly Miracles Book.

INGREDIENTS: blue tansy, chamomile German, elemi, fir, frankincense, geranium, lavender, rosewood, spruce

AFFINITY FOR: body structure and alignment, energy/electrical system, nervous system, muscles, skin, every chakra, emotional balance, every meridian

RESONANCE: LeMillenia is a very low frequency oil. This makes it very effective for working on issues of physical structure and alignment. However, LeMillenia is also an outstanding emotional blend.

APPLICATION: LeMillenia is very good applied to the bottoms of the feet or along the inside of the foot (the spine in reflexology and foot zone therapy). You can balance the energy between the left and right lobes of the brain by putting a drop of LeMillenia on your index fingers and placing your fingers on your temples. The left hand should be on the right temple, and the right hand on the left temple.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: When diffused, LeMillenia builds courage, confidence, and self-esteem while being calming and relaxing at the same time.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: LeMillenia helps one find the courage to move forward with confidence and faith. It brings clarity about what is really necessary for happiness and contentment. It can help us find an equilibrium between being organized, neat, orderly, meticulous, logical, and analytical (all good traits), and being obsessively focused on perfection.

LeMillenia is used to aid us with self-expression, fear of conflict and disagreement, and the ability to make decisions. This blend can foster tenacity and independence of spirit.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: “Chiropractor in a bottle” is a good description of this blend except that LeMillenia aligns so much more than just physical structures. LeMillenia aligns the electrical energies of the body, balances every meridian, and energizes every chakra. In addition, LeMillenia maintains the integrity of the connective tissues that wrap, connect, and protect every organ and balances the emotions connected to each organ. LeMillenia balances the moisture and fluid levels in the body.

One of my favorite uses for LeMillenia is in working with ADHD and hyperactivity. Applying LeMillenia to the feet at least once a day can make a profound difference in a child’s ability to sit still and concentrate. I use the feet because it is an excellent place to draw essential oils into the body. I also like the feet because the person (it is often a little boy) can put his shoes back on, go to school, and no one teases him because he “smells like flowers”. Also consider using LeTranquility along with LeMillenia.

As an agent of structural alignment, LeMillenia can be used as a diuretic, an antispasmodic, an expectorant, and a nervine. LeMillenia is helpful for some types of arthritis, for sciatica, and to improve capillary circulation. LeMillenia should be tried at the very first moment a hernia is suspected.

Using LeMillenia to brush your teeth may keep your teeth aligned and prevent cavities. A drop should be diluted in almond oil and put in the ear for earache. This will realign physical structures and take the pressure off of the ear canal or ear drum.

Because LeMillenia realigns physical and electrical structures, it is beneficial for some types of headaches. It is antispasmodic, analgesic, and excellent where bruising has occurred.

There is not enough understanding of anorexia, but it is known that something in the way LeMillenia realigns the body systems changes the thinking and brings relief from this condition.*

*This information courtesy of Butterfly Expressions LLC

I would love to hear your success stories about the oils. If you would like to have something specific covered in “tips,” just let me know and I will do my best to see that I cover it.

I am not a Doctor, just little old me, doing my best to learn how to better take care of my health naturally with the oils and share what I know with all of you. This information is intended to assist you in learning about natural possibilities to better care for your health and is not intended to replace your own best intuition and common sense or your doctor’s recommendations.

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