Tip 1: What are 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils?

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are highly concentrated plant extract, collected through distillation, generally at temperatures of over 140 degrees. (Some oils -such as the citrus family – are cold press extracted. We will talk more about the methods of extraction in a future “tips” e-mail.)

Just how concentrated are the oils? Just one drop of a 100% Pure Therapeutic grade essential oil is equivalent to about an ounce of product (leaves, bark or other parts of the plant used for the individual oil) which is enough to make approximately 28 cups of tea. As we see by the amount of product present in just one drop, that essential oils are very powerful substance. They are considered to be the “life force” or the energy (essence) of the plant. Pure Therapeutic grade essential oils contain ALL of the components of the plant. This is very important when working with the oils. An essential oil with all of the components of the plant will have what it needs to be balanced in your body. An example of this is Lavender. Lavender can assist in leveling both high and low blood pressure. Your body knows what to do with it – if the oil has all of the parts of the plant to begin with. A very important thing to know is that a product labeled 100% pure lavender ensures that there is Lavender in the product but does not insure that it has ALL of the components of the plant.

Why use 100% pure therapeutic grade oils? The current laws allow many products to come under the heading – essential oil – even if they have been diluted with synthetic reproductions, vegetable protein oils or other unhealthy or harmful substances with just a little pure oil added. (Added tip: One way to test to see if the oil is masquerading as pure is to put a drop of oil on blotting paper. Most pure essential oils will absorb rapidly into the paper. Some may leave color residue but no oily patch will remain.) Only a reputable dealer of 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils will give you the assurance of having ALL of the components of the plant! Butterfly Express are true quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Have a wonderf Oil day!

*This information does not represent any implied or express warranties and has not been evaluated by the FDA. not intended to prescribe, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease or condition. “Le” denotes Butterfly express blend.

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