Credentials and Experience


Happy and Peaceful
One of my favorite things to do is Chakra balancing and removing stuck emotions blocking the flow of love in your heart.


  • God given gifts
  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Calyco Healing (Carolyn Cooper)
  • Butterfly’s Energy Healing, Herbal, Essential Oil training classes and some Homeopathic
  • Emotion code class, Reconnection, and multiple other classes on energy healing
  • Family herbalist (Dr. Christopher’s Herbal school- part way to master herbalist)
  • Author of; Doctors Could be Wrong: find out for yourself (a simplified muscle testing book)

Additional leadership experiences;

  • Bingham high PTA president and student board (South Jordan, Utah)
  • Region 6 legislative PTA (South Jordan, Utah)
  • Teach Simplified Muscle testing
  • Many leadership and teaching experiences in my religious community
  • Serve the homeless doing Sunday services and activities
  • Serve the homeless doing 12 step addiction recovery weekly
  • Served at Toole jail doing 12 step addiction
  • Parent of 9 children, 21 grand and 3 great-grandchildren

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